A Journey of an Apple Tree

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I thanked the Apple and the Opossum and said good night. For me, the farm is all about stillness — the mystery that is seen and found in the quiet stillness of nature. The opossum is the stillness and the mystery is seen in the apple, which we can see in any challenge or journey if we only slow down long enough to look, peel back the mystery and savor its juices. I must add that the opossum had a banner fall harvest — by the time my parents got back up to the farm to pick the apples, the opossum had cleaned out every last one.

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Of course, the nature of the gifts of life lessons on this journey is not always easy. For a few months over the waning part of this year, I had felt the pull of the Morrighan, Hecate, Cerridwen and Baba Yaga to write a ritual. We scheduled a Dark Moon ritual with our coven, but I actually did not write the ritual until the day of the gathering when the Dark Ladies and my guides started to speak to me.

Those guides included the voice of the Apple Tree. It seems highly appropriate in considering all of this now, given the connections of the Dark Goddesses to the Apple and the Underworld. Here is the alignment with the Dark Goddess and Moon that came to me that day. Howl of the Wolf crying out warning in the darkness Crackling of the Oak snapping above the roar of the fire Mushrooms finding life in the crevices of the rotting wood Naked Birch beckoning us forth with her white fingers of bone.

The Dark Lady calls us through the skeletal forest The land walks in shadows, hiding in dampness and fog The Hunted now at rest beneath layers of decaying leaves Crows dancing on the brittle air in a language all their own. Depths of the ocean stillness belied by the crashing waves Pounding the shoreline, the elements converge Edge of the deep, water meeting air, shaping the earth Burning with fire, we walk this path between. She shines her light through her crimson eyes for those that would follow She calls her children to her side, together, yet we walk this path alone Courage to hear the warmth under the screech of her cry Warmth to those brave enough to enter her cloak.

We find her there, underneath the mask, if we dare to seek Heart beating and pulsing together with our own The Crone, the Hag, the Magick of the Underworld at her command She holds out the Key in her rot covered hand — will we take it, she asks? Key to unlock the secrets of the below, of the depths and of our soul. The secrets of the Apple and its seeds, sweet, yet poison Datura, whispering, calls us, intoxicating scent of attraction The Lady has her ways and wiles; her gifts are many.

Who will be brave enough to take her gifts when offered? Where shall they bring you? Her demands are simple though not easy She asks a path of service in return. Will you accept her hand now, and the key that has been offered? The ritual was moving and poignant. Just as the Apple Tree had gifted me with its message, and guided me in writing this ritual, the Dark Goddesses lent their support as well. The next morning, though it was daylight, a young opossum made a visit to my home in the suburbs.

It was not long after this that my parents purchased an apple tree for my backyard, and it will be planted in the same area. I had asked the Spirit of the Apple Tree to let me know one night where to plant this tree, so that I would know when I woke up in the morning. It came to me in a dream visit to tell me where to plant the tree in my yard.

The Journey of an Apple: Pollination

The Apple Tree was a fitting conclusion to this first year with the Morrighan as my matron. It is clear that apple drew me to its mysteries, and draws other witches, for a reason, but what is it about apples that draw everyone to them? They are comfort and safety. Candles are even made with the scent of apple. We know apple is healing and has vitamins, but why do kids like it so much? It is again about that comfort, love and happiness, such as found in the simple pleasures of life.

It is safety with the pentagram, even for those unfamiliar with its mysteries. Apples are the four seasons. It is spring blossoms and the Faery and summer with green apples on the tree. Fall is ripening apples, reminiscent of hayrides, wassail and family trips to the apple orchard. What is it about the apple orchard that makes it so fun? The idea of fertility and an abundant harvest as you fill up the apple baskets. Apples signify abundance and fertility, and through that, success and good luck. They are accessible and friendly trees, with low hanging fruit that children can relate to as well.

We eat apples in all sorts of forms and in the end we can what is left or put the rest on the compost. We can work with apple through our journey of the year, just as we see its growth, decline and renewal in the physical world. Meditate with the apple tree, become one with the tree, see and feel what it experiences. Or call on the Spirit of the Apple Tree in journey to ask what lessons it has to teach you. The possibilities are as endless as the apples in the orchard, if you chose to pick one and taste of its fruit.

The next time you walk by a display of apples, give thanks to the Apple Tree for its gift of Wisdom. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Me and my new Gala Apple Tree — Dec.

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  • March 26, Apples come in different colors and their species have been widely varied and new strands propagated, but when we think of the apple, we think of the juicy, red apple of our childhood and mythos. Me on top of the Glastonbury Tor!

    Apple Trees

    Walking the same grounds that were walked, and owned, by Dion Fortune during my Aug. Planting my Gala Apple Tree on Dec.

    Harvest Time

    The secrets of the Apple and its seeds, sweet, yet poison Datura, whispering, calls us, intoxicating scent of attraction The Lady has her ways and wiles; her gifts are many Who will be brave enough to take her gifts when offered? Twitter Facebook Google Pinterest. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Email required Address never made public. This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Between April and May, apple buds blossom with pink flowers, and bees are moved into orchards to begin the pollination process.

    My Journey with the Apple Tree

    The bees are brought at nighttime, because by that time, the bees have all returned to the hive. Bees are attracted to the smell and the color of apple blossoms, which contain the sweet nectar which they require. Bees fly from flower to flower in search of nectar; the pollen on the flowers sticks to the bees' hair and is carried to the next flower. This transfer of pollen is pollination. Each blossom that is to produce an apple must be fertilized. During the day, the bees fly from blossom to blossom, storing the nectar that they use to make honey when they return to the hive.

    I am now craving a juicy delicious apples. How on earth does the machine decide whether each individual apple is small, medium or large? I wish there was something in my area that I could do a similar tour of, my little boy would love it. What a great day you had. And there are scanners on the machine that can sense how big it is, plus optically scan for any bad spots. I LOVE that you did this visit and really learned how the entire process goes!

    I guess the rest of the apples I buy go thru this sort of process. Hope you have a lovely rest of the week. I wish you a blessed holiday season. Orchards in Early October. Farmers Care about the Environment. The brix, or amount of sugar, is also tested.

    Finally, the starches are measured. As you can see, the trees are grown very close together.

    A Journey of an Apple Tree A Journey of an Apple Tree
    A Journey of an Apple Tree A Journey of an Apple Tree
    A Journey of an Apple Tree A Journey of an Apple Tree
    A Journey of an Apple Tree A Journey of an Apple Tree
    A Journey of an Apple Tree A Journey of an Apple Tree

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