The Battle of Evermore

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Led Zeppelin - "The Battle of Evermore". Leaving behind heavy metal bombast for high fantasy, on "The Battle of Evermore" Led Zeppelin's Robert Plant duets with folk singer Sandy Denny for a thrilling mandolin-driven epic inspired by Celtic myth and some books about hobbits. Atlantic US Release Date: Hollywood's Most Powerful Waif Well into her 30s, silent film star Mary Pickford was the waif-iest waif in film history, and the number of convincing variations she wrung on this theme is remarkable.

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Led Zeppelin - When The Levee Breaks (Alternate U.K. Mix)

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The Battle of Evermore

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    He draws concepts, characters and names from Norse and Celtic myths.

    There is a reason the Dwarves names all sound the same. Led Zeppelin's song does the same thing. It pulls from several mythologies to discuss the ultimate battle of good and evil. Plant obviously considers Tolkien's story on par with other mythologies that explain good and evil. General Comment I read the lord of the rings and I think this song or part of it is about Helms Deep. Side by side we wait the might of the darkest of them all. I hear the horses' thunder down in the valley blow, I'm waiting for the angels of Avalon, waiting for the eastern glow.

    Then they waited side by side on the wall for the orcs from Isengard to come.

    We are sorry...

    The angels of Avalon is the army that showed up with gandalf to fight of the orcs. They were waiting for the eastern glow because at sunrise of that day was when Gandalf would return. General Comment This song has quite a few more Tolkien referances then I have seen mentioned. Starting from the begining. Gladdy refusing the ring and passing into the west, and Frodo being the savior or peace who embraces the worst gloom imaginable by carrying the ring and entering mordor. Aragorn embraces the the gloom and walks the paths of the dead, which is one of the key points in the book and the turning point in the battle on plennor fields.

    As shown below, I believe most of this song is in the time frame of the Battle on Plennor Fields, Eowyn takes her bow from aragorn and then turns back to Edoras, then Aragorn goes to embrace the gloom.

    ShieldSquare Block

    The only real problem with that theory is, "why is Eowyn the Queen of Light". All I have to say is, you kill the witch king, and you earn that title. Dont lock your doors, its useless, the army of mordor is coming. Day is now night as Sauron pollutes the sky and shrouds the sun and the hope of man. They sing for morning. They stand with friends from afar who come cause they know that if Gondor Falls on this night, all hope ends for everyone. Finally coming to the aid of Gondor. Hope at last has come. They await for the "eastern glow" which is the sunrise. In Tolkiens writings the sunrise is such a key element.

    Fingolfin rides out of the ragged ice unlooked for and drives his host to the gates of Agnband on the first sunrise of middleearth. In numerous songs it is sang about, and Helms deep the sunrise was "ever the hope of man". That is a key element in this song, the men are so sure they will lose, with the wraiths circling above, oh how they wish for the sunlight. The "angels of avalon" part I imagine has a special meaning for plant. I like to think that they are the saviors, or a new hope in battle, which Rohan was for a short time. They hold happiness for men, that is all they want to keep.

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    • They created thier own paradise. Fight to the darkest of nights, with no hope in sight. Sing, HOPE for the morning light, for victory, for one last chance to feel the sun against your skin. They will destory all Gondor has made. Sauron is angry and wants to end it now and here. He is coming for the men of gondor. Tyrants face is red could be the sideplot with Denethor, or could mean Saurons shame when his army loses, or his witch-king dies. Its hard to say which because if this is to be sequantial with the battle, the witchking dying wouldnt work "perfectly", but who ever said it would "Oh the war is common cry, Pick up you swords and fly.

      Thier is much to this battle that the average folk doesnt know about, but they fight for thier country. The battles lasts oh so long, will daylight ever come remember no daylight for days at this point. All they see is death and destruction, the night gets blackers as time passes on, its so slow.

      They are waiting the sunrise, no rest to those defending thier homes against a enemy who would devour all. What is worse then having the fight a war? Fighting one, then winning to find everything you fought for in ruin. The enemy beats thier drums, the devils of the enemy are at hand. Ride on though, continue to fight! Keep fighting, though thier is no comfort when you are watching the fires of your country.

      Watching your home burn, pick yourself up, fight harder then before. Brilliant, i'm sorry to say zepp haters Oh dance in the dark of night, Sing to the morning light. The magic runes are writ in gold to bring the balance back. Fight in the dark of night, fight for the sunrise. Perhaps Merry with his anciet sword parked with runes which helped slayed the king of the wraiths..

      The Battle of Evermore The Battle of Evermore
      The Battle of Evermore The Battle of Evermore
      The Battle of Evermore The Battle of Evermore
      The Battle of Evermore The Battle of Evermore
      The Battle of Evermore The Battle of Evermore
      The Battle of Evermore The Battle of Evermore

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