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However, the wilder minds of the internet have come up with their own theories, with some conspiracy theorists claiming it could be a massive UFO base or a portal to a mysterious underworld called the Hollow Earth. A Weddell seal in Antarctica appears at peace as it rests in the safety of the think ice from any surveying predators. In , it was revealed that tiny life forms are living in a lake locked under half a mile of ice.

Yet it supports more than 4, species of organisms and suggests life could survive almost anywhere — even on other planets or moons. This article originally appeared on The Sun. Log in No account? Sign up Log out news. The Sun August 9, 7: The Hartwood Publishing Group, On board the ship is a mysterious female doctor with paranormal and magical strengths who is immediately drawn to the researcher.

Shedding New Light on the Mysteries of Antarctica’s Long, Dark Winter

They must try to understand their own attraction as well as what the cells are trying to communicate. Amazon Digital Services, Inc. Staff at an isolated Antarctic methane extraction facility are attacked by unknown saboteurs, but there may be another group of saboteurs among the staff. Not only does he have to contend with deaths from lake water infections but also with rogue foreign agents with their own missions, and with love from an unexpected source.

Antarctica's Greatest Secrets and Mysteries Revealed

A Face of Stone: A short story in which a writer is with a group of scientists in an Antarctic mountain range, who are using 3D imaging to study the ice. One of the images they find appears to be a man-made face in the mountainside. The photo is publicized and undesirables arrive at the site to search for alien traces. A short story in which a writer is on board the yacht of a famous outdoor installation artist for an interview and demonstration of icebergs to be painted in pink, off the coast of Antarctica.

The art installation project turns sinister and deadly in a way that could never have been anticipated. Tilt - A Climate Change Thriller. Australian eBook Publisher, A tightly written eco-thriller about the conspiracy between a rogue American oil company executive and the Chinese government to drill for petroleum reserves found in Antarctica. Although the action does not take place in Antarctica, the story incorporates the tragic Mount Erebus tourist airplane air crash in and the ban on Antarctic mining.

Beyond the Mountains of Madness, Fukuoka Japan: A collection of short stories of horror and the bizarre from various authors, set in Antarctica, that take their genesis from the ideas of H. Amazon Digital Services, Inc, A family-oriented tale in which a skilled underwater robotics engineer is asked to go to Antarctica on an icebreaker to investigate signs of oil leakage under an ice shelf.

The contact he has with his family is lost when the ship loses all power and he is accidentally locked in his quarters. At home, his engineer wife must reboot the ships computers to help the search to identify the source of the leaking oil.

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A geo-political thriller in which a mountain climber is unwittingly hired by a rogue operator in the British Government to help a science team to take water samples from an under-ice lake near a Russian base in Antarctica. This leads to a major ecological disaster in the Antarctic Ocean, with the goal for industrialists to undo the long-established Antarctic Treaty and to claim mineral rights. Phantom Sun - Shadow Squadron. Stone Arch Books, In this illustrated novella for younger readers, a satellite is shot down over Antarctica and an elite U. However, a Russian force is also trying to recover the satellite and the Americans must weigh the need for recovery against the safety of nearby civilian scientists.

A novella with intertwining stories about the navigator of a pre-WWI German Antarctic expedition that finds the remains of an Argentinean shipwreck in Antarctica, and the modern era, involving British-Argentinean politics in the South Atlantic Ocean. At a base at Lake Vostok in Antarctica, personnel are engaged in launching a submarine into the under-ice lake to search for gold.

The scene becomes a shoot-out as unknown killers arrive to put the base out of commission. A mixed group from Britain, consisting of a journalist, researchers and adventurers, undertakes a voyage to Antarctica to search for a World War II Nazi-era forgotten and hidden Antarctic base. They find it and must contend with a deadly virus and unsuspected enemies. A major anomaly is discovered far under the ice in Antarctica.

An American and Russian submarine compete in a deadly race to core into the ice to determine its nature. Two American scientists are able to engage the alien presence and find that their notion of time has been changed forever. At the time of his return, he told stories of being helped by ancient Pangaeans, which were ridiculed and drove the worker to assume a new identity. The journalist must track him down in New Zealand after 45 years. Cussler, Clive and Brown, Graham. The action takes them to subantarctic Heard Island in the Southern Ocean, where the subterranean doomsday machine has been installed and primed.

Beyond the Frozen Fire. Adventurer Gabriel Hunt is employed by the daughter of a missing Jewish scientist to find her father, who disappeared in Antarctica near the South Pole. In Antarctica, Hunt and his small search team, including the daughter, disappear down a crevasse and discover a tropical land beneath the ice, populated by a small band of women who are dying out due to lack of eligible men for reproduction. Taken prisoner, the team finds an old Nazi-era airplane and a super machine which the Nazis had targeted to destroy Washington.

A group of Christian superheroes are shot down over the Antarctic while searching for a researcher who has been mysteriously killed. They stumble upon an evil genius, intent on detonating nuclear bombs on Antarctica and blowing up the earth. Fig Tree Penguin Books , Parallel stories of two groups of trios on a small Antarctic Island — one about explorers in , the other about a scientific field camp in Both run into physical and interpersonal problems with different results.

Two scientists, wandering independently on a bleak Antarctic ice shelf and a frigid terrain, meet by chance and entwine their lives to search together for a mysterious seed vault. If it exists, it could provide the future for life in an Antarctica that is rapidly melting and an Earth that is dying. The 6 th Extinction: William Morrow HarperCollins , After a deadly accident at a secret military biological research station in California, special commando teams are sent to seek the perpetrator and the cause of the contagion.

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  2. Management of Acute and Chronic Headache Pain, An Issue of Medical Clinics, E-Book (The Clinics: Internal Medicine)?
  3. Antarctica's Biggest Mysteries: Secrets of a Frozen World.
  4. Antarctica’s greatest mysteries, from lost civilisations to a secret Nazi space base.

Their investigations take them to a scientific base in Antarctica, where one of the teams is ambushed and ultimately encounters a subterranean prehistoric world. They also have to battle mercenaries who are trying to kill them and prevent them from saving the world from infection. A private research organization mounts an expedition to Antarctica to search for a prehistoric civilization, based on their knowledge of the ancient Piri Reis map, which was claimed to show an ancient Antarctic coastline.

They discover a tropical oasis under the ice and must contend with deadly rivals from an old and secret society. The Mummies of the Reich. A former SAS agent and his librarian assistant are hired by the British government to investigate a First World War-era medallion found around the neck of a South American mountain mummy.

Their travels and dangerous encounters with German villains take them to South America, Ecuador, the Falkland Islands and finally to Antarctica, where they discover a former Nazi base and U-Boat harbor that are the keys to further secrets from World War II.

Lily White Shadows of a Rainbow. When the wife of a former South African security agent, who is now a private arms dealer, is kidnapped by a rich businessman seeking secrets of the former South African government, the dealer is forced by British agents to undertake to steal the same secrets. The secret information has been stored in a box, buried below an abandoned South African scientific base in Antarctica, near its current new base. The arms dealer is in disguise as a replacement scientist on the supply ship for the base and the voyage there and the extraction of the box are deadly, with unknown killers hunting for the same box.

An overly long story about dirty geopolitics and espionage. Desolate — The Complete Trilogy. In the first book, inmates at a prison camp at Deception Island in Antarctica discover a buried alien spaceship. Only one prisoner mysteriously survives the infection from a revived alien monster and is rescued by helicopter and taken to Argentina. A short story in which an isolated, solitary researcher at an Antarctic station slowly goes mad. For a book with Antarctica on the cover, it is disappointing that there are no adventures on the continent itself and little substance to the Antarctic content.

A short story of black humour about a small group of ice core scientists on a research dig in Antarctica. When one of them falls down a crevasse when a glacier splits, the others are beset by dangerous ape-like creatures from the glacier. The only chance for rescue ironically becomes the ticket to doom. At the same time as scientists learn to communicate with dolphins in Miami, a large geological shift along an ice shelf in Antarctica threatens to send a destructive tsunami up the Atlantic Ocean. You have a sci-fi techno-thriller when you blend in some friendly aliens and their technology, a dysfunctional U.

Ice Station Zombie 2. In this sequel to Ice Station Zombi e , a group of surviving overwinterers at the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Base fight off the zombies who were previously their fellow workers and scientists, and manage to reach the base at McMurdo Sound. More zombie mayhem occurs and even fewer survivors eventually are able to fly back to the secret military Antarctic base where the original nanite infection began.

They hope to be rescued and to fly back to Australia with a device to cure the infections. A former drilling rig has been moved to the coast of the Antarctic Peninsula and is being used as a pharmaceutical research post. One of the employees accidentally loses a drum of experimental drug powder to the ocean, resulting in dead penguins. The cover-up and unforeseen crimes are fodder for a silly farce. This is a steampunk novel, set in the late s. A British Royal Navy commander and his advanced-level submarine are ordered to search for survivors of a downed German dirigible in Antarctic waters.

While cooperating with German rescuers and other British and American operatives, they are never sure who their real friends are. In the near future, Earth is the scene of a worldwide nuclear war and a group of refugees has taken shelter in pre-built underground caves and living quarters in Antarctica, at the Doomsday Humanity Survival Underground City. Part of a series of books. Guerilla Explorer Publishing, A far-fetched action tale of two treasure-hunting adventurers at an Antarctic field camp, looking for Nazi-era stolen loot.

Almost everyone is a suspicious character and the adventurers find far more than they bargained for. Nemo — Heart of Ice. They are chased across the Antarctic icescapes in colourful drawings and finally they encounter the subterranean mysteries of the mountains of madness of H. Searise - The Chaos Begins. To be followed by a sequel. Coyote Moon Publishing, Two Americans go to an Antarctic volcano to search for the entry to a hollow earth.

They discover a secret underground fortress inhabited by World War II Nazi clones who have adapted technology used by an advanced race of aliens who previously lived there. Written by two PhDs, the book must have been proofread by aliens, with countless errors of spelling, grammar and tense. The world will be in danger if terrorists succeed in their attempt to fracture the Ross Ice Shelf.

A lengthy book in which a researcher seeking a cure for autism and an intelligence agent combine forces to combat a secret organization that has kept the secret about human evolution and development for several thousands of years. The action covers a century and moves from secret Atlantean civilization bases in Gibraltar and Antarctica over time portals. The scientists are mysteriously killed, as well as the special forces sent to rescue them.

The buried base is traced to a still-existing German company. A third mission of specialist is launched to determine the nature of the still-mysterious site. Grizzly Walk Publishing Group, At times confusing, time jumping science fiction about unhinged scientists who are guinea pigs in their own experiments, dealing with nefarious forces of dark energy. Their scientific experiments and activities take them to an imploding Antarctica.

They Came From Beneath the Ice. An overly long story about a meteorologist who is assigned to an Antarctic base for a year by his television station and brings his entire family, including four young children. Buried meteorites found in the ice hatch into deadly alien reptiles, which run amok at the base. An experienced diver-microbiologist is sent to the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station, Antarctica to replace another diver-scientist, her friend, who has died.

She is required to continue exploration of biomass discovered in an under-ice lake near the Pole, and soon finds a video of the murder of her friend. She sets out to identify the criminal, unaware that a biomedical conspiracy involving the biomass is underway at the Station among some of the staff. In the meantime, security agents in the U. Murder in the Antarctic. Gold stolen in Ushuaia, Argentina is hidden on a cruise ship going to the Antarctic Peninsula and several murders ensue.

One of the passengers is an ex-policeman who attempts to find the robbers. At the same time, he is trying to woo a woman who has dubious motives of her own and may be involved in another murder. Love is a Light Press. A gay romance set in McMurdo Station. A sober, solid French researcher helps an alcoholic ex-Navy Seal diving instructor change his ways and come out of the closet to form a relationship.

A scuba diver discovers the remains of a Nazi U-Boat captain in an underwater cave in Barbuda. He is able to break the secret Enigma coded papers carried by the captain, which leads him to a hidden underground base in Antarctica, built by aliens and populated by descendants of Nazis. In the meantime, secret brotherhoods and American forces are out to stop him from finding the secrets held at the base in Antarctica. Two love-entangled New Zealanders embark on a dangerous quest to find long-lost diamonds from a heist in the early s, reputedly left on subantarctic Campbell Island, in the Southern Ocean.

A short story about four scientific researchers at an Antarctic field camp. Three of them learn of their gay orientation and turn the tables on a homophobic fourth who then reveals his true orientation. During a cruise ship tour of the Antarctic Peninsula, a small group of expeditioners is forced to spend a few days on Snow Hill Island when the ship is stranded in ice and the passengers cannot return on board. Things get worse when the ship hits an iceberg and sinks. The passengers and crew must try to save themselves with their zodiacs and lifeboats by living on icebergs, hoping for rescue.

The Elder Gods of the Daemon Darkness. Three short horror stories about the descent into madness by an astrophysicist at a Transantarctic Range space observatory. While staring at the blackness of space and constellations through an eyepiece, the Daemon Darkness speak the dark truths of the cosmos to him and takes over his mind and body. Human experiments with a nanite serum at a secret military Antarctic base have failed and have turned people into zombies. Two surviving field researchers have to fight them off and finally manage to fly a damaged Hercules transport to Australia to seek escape from the plague, which has taken over the world.

They meet a group of other survivors and try to develop a weapon to neutralize the diseased zombies and restart civilization on earth. Wolf on Water Publishing, A supply ship on its way to the Antarctic Peninsula and Deception Island gets caught up in a battle between a Neo-Nazi group on board for a secret expedition and a No-Nazi group that spares no efforts to stop them by disabling the ship. The heroic female first officer is also on a mission to find out how her former mentor was killed in an explosion at a base that he ship will be supplying.

Blood on the Snow. A pilot for an environmental group crashes her helicopter on assignment in Antarctica, is seriously injured and her passenger scientist is killed. Released from her job, a later chance medical examination reveals she was first shot and then beaten.

With the help of interested friends, she starts searching for the truth behind the faked accident. This is a tension and action-filled thriller about a handful of Antarctic scientists working on the Antarctic Peninsula, whose base is burned down by rogue Chinese operators. They fight for their lives as the Chinese try to blow up a large ice shelf to transport ice back home and to create a harbour for mining. The bombs have been set and time is clicking away as the scientists try to stop the assault that will harm the earth permanently.

Voyage of the Past. Earth will be the scene of a worldwide nuclear war and a group of refugees is preparing to take shelter in pre-built underground caves and living quarters in Antarctica, at the Doomsday Humanity Survival Underground City. Another group is planning to shoot off to outer space in a transporter to escape the radiation until it decreases to a lower level. First part of a series of books. On a futuristic Antarctic Peninsula, with more inhabitants and adventure travel programs, resorts and robot avatars, two pilots spot some shiny domes in a former glacial valley.

One of them, an angry environmentalist, returns later to create mischief after discovering that the site was a location for cultivation and reintroduction of Antarctic beech trees. A geologist finds gold in the hills on a scientific expedition in Antarctica, tries to hide his diggings and to take it back to his home in the U. Prospectors from the Yukon also decide to go to Antarctica to try their luck at finding gold and the murderous gold rush is on. A flight to the South Pole discovers the wreckage of a previous crash of an alien craft. The plot warps the mind with Antarctic intrigue, aliens, time tunnels to WW II and medieval times, and a galaxy in the future.

During an equipment check, the project foreman discovers a piece of unknown metal with ancient hieroglyphics, lodged in a cave on the face of a mountain. As the message is decoded, a similar one is found under the Egyptian Pyramids and the leader of the group of scientists tries to understand the source and its meaning for mankind. A farce about suburban family life in Seattle. One of the characters, Bernadette, is a somewhat unhinged, brilliant ex-architect, mother and wife.

The family is supposed to go an Antarctic cruise, but things happen and she ends up going alone and apparently disappears off a cruise ship. Black Coat Press, They are caught in a blizzard and discover a partly buried spaceship and an alien, with whom they try to communicate. Not knowing who to trust in the group of overwinterers, a friend of one of the murdered tries to unravel the reason for the deaths and to find the culprit, who could be anybody in a group of suspicious characters.

Book One of the First People Trilogy. A twinned story tells of prehistoric men and gods whose roots may go back to the formation of Antarctica, tying in to the present day. Wood, Brian et al. Part Two of Three: Dark Horse Comics, October Two members of an environmentalist group, in a new world of melting ice shelves, are seeking sources for food, water and fuel at an abandoned Antarctic base in Coats Land. They are overtaken by looters, thrown down a water borehole and are finally rescued, to continue their search in other parts of the world.

They end up working on the same building project and attempts to avoid a quick fling only pour more fuel on the fires of want and passion. The Erskine Press, Shackleton tasks one of the expeditioners, Raymond Priestley, to investigate the murder, jointly with the police. What develops is the portrayal of a cantankerous crew, any one of whom could be the felon.

  • Industrial Inefficiency and Downsizing: A Study of Layoffs and Plant Closures (Studies on Industrial Productivity);
  • The Day IGot Naked in Antarctica - Don't Stop Living.
  • Antarctica’s greatest mysteries, from lost civilisations to a secret Nazi space base;
  • Designing More Effective Programs to Prevent HIV Transmission (FT Press Delivers Elements).
  • Shedding New Light on the Mysteries of Antarctica's Long, Dark Winter - Atlas Obscura.
  • Antarctica's Biggest Mysteries: Secrets of a Frozen World.
  • An evolutionary anthropologist is summoned by her forensic pathologist aunt from an assignment in Afghanistan to the Antarctic Peninsula, where an alien body has just been found. This leads to the possibility of romance with one of her associates, nasty encounters in a former underground Nazi base where fanatics are trying to develop a pure Aryan race with a strain of virus. There are also portals to a pure, original Aryan world, with a choice of whether to stay or leave.


    A futuristic short story, set in war-time , in which a Western hi-tech 3-man research nuclear-powered submarine is taking a top-ranking scientist on a secret mission to the base at Port Lockroy, on the Antarctic Peninsula. Close to their destination, their submarine is sunk by Nazi torpedoes and the two survivors start walking on the seabed in underwater suits to the base, before they are rescued by an American warship.

    At the base, the scientist deploys an experimental device, which prevents further damage from a Nazi nuclear bomb. After the rogue leader of a hi-tech Antarctic weather research base has been sent home, the new leader and the scientists must find a way to stop the series of computer programs that have already unleashed catastrophic storms globally. The Good Luck Knot.

    An insecure, suicidal young woman leaves her home in Portland Oregon to seek herself, emotionally and spiritually. Her travels to many parts of the world include a stint as a cook at McMurdo Station in Antarctica. The one constant in her life is her relationship with a few close friends and as the years and locations pass, she develops an understanding of herself.

    A one-night stand becomes a longer romance as the female chef on an Antarctic cruise ship and the wayward, surfboarder black sheep son of the ship-owning family unexpectedly find themselves together on the vessel. They have to save the ship from a pirate attack and then survive a helicopter crash on the Antarctic Peninsula, all the while developing their own relationship. Confessions of a Gentleman Host. His escapades include being a host on two Antarctic Peninsula cruises. A Fly in Amber. Years later, it is discovered by chance by members of a modern German Antarctic scientific base, which is soon destroyed by unknown commandos and the artefact is seized.

    Explosive events in Israel and America point to a conspiracy at the highest level by a secret organization. A group of geological exploration scientists arrive at an Antarctic base to do research but the base crew is nowhere to be found and their own team members start to go missing. Encounters with an alien being lead them to an underground world inside a mountain, which is really an alien space ship. The aliens are embarked on a demonic scheme to crossbreed dinosaurs and humans.

    A drilling crew trying to reach an under-ice Antarctic lake inadvertently dines on crustaceans discovered at the bottom of the water, beginning a chain of events that dooms them all. The effects of polar darkness, personal demons, cannibalism and vampirism lead to an uncertain new world for the researcher. Remender, Rick et al.

    Comic strip hero Flash Thompson, a. Venom, is a rehabilitated injured war hero who has been given a spidery alien symbiote suit by the government that allows him to be a hero again for short periods. In this issue, he is on a mission to destroy an Antarctic vibranium mining facility when he encounters his enemy Kraven. Winter in Antarctica is a dark time, literally and metaphorically. Small groups of scientists do overwinter on the continent, gazing up at auroras, sprinting naked to the South Pole from a nearby sauna, and trying not to let the long nights get to them.

    But when the daylight hours begin to vanish and the ice sheets stretch out over the ocean, the difficulty of doing research mounts. But when scientists do find ways to gather information about one of the most hostile environments on Earth, what they discover often surprises them.

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    The first team of people known to have stayed the winter in Antarctica—after European explorers first started arriving on the shores in the 19th century—had not planned on it. In February , a crew of European and American scientists, sailors, and explorers led by a Belgian naval officer ventured into the Bellinghausen Sea, west of the Antarctic Peninsula. Their ship, Belgica , got trapped in the ice, where it stayed for a full year. They managed to free it only after blasting a channel through the ice, which was threatening to hold them fast for another winter.

    One of the scientists on board died, and others were stricken with mental illness. Even under those adverse conditions, the crew of Belgica managed to make scientific discoveries. Through the long days trapped in ice, the crew measured temperature and barometric pressure, tracked the direction of the wind, noted the icebergs that floated past, and observed what life they could. For the first time, researchers had collected a year-long set of Antarctic meteorological and oceanographic data.

    The danger that held Belgica for the winter—that creeping, crushing ice—is still a worry for researchers today, and in the past decades there have been only a handful of wintertime research cruises around Antarctica, compared to dozens in the summer months. Last year, though, Nathaniel B. Palmer , an icebreaker chartered by the National Science Foundation, took a team of scientists to the Ross Sea from April to June, as winter set in. In that part of Antarctica, there are open water areas near the coast, where winds blow the ice cover away almost continuously, opening up spaces in the ocean that freeze over again.

    Each winter, Antarctic ice sheets extend anew out into the ocean. Unexpectedly, sea ice cover in the Antarctica has actually been growing , even as the Arctic ice cap shrinks on the other side of the world. In some years the sea ice cover in the Ross Sea has increased even more. The scientists on the cruise are still analyzing the data they gathered, but being in the field in the winter has already changed how they think about this system. The effect of the wind and waves was to pile up ice crystals into round, pancake shapes.

    On Antarctica Naked and Other Stories On Antarctica Naked and Other Stories
    On Antarctica Naked and Other Stories On Antarctica Naked and Other Stories
    On Antarctica Naked and Other Stories On Antarctica Naked and Other Stories
    On Antarctica Naked and Other Stories On Antarctica Naked and Other Stories
    On Antarctica Naked and Other Stories On Antarctica Naked and Other Stories
    On Antarctica Naked and Other Stories On Antarctica Naked and Other Stories
    On Antarctica Naked and Other Stories On Antarctica Naked and Other Stories

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